The highest quality of information on the polysilicon industry you can get – this is what Bernreuter Research provides you with its market research.

The approach of Bernreuter Research

Our approach to achieve the highest quality rests upon three pillars:

1) Concentration on the polysilicon industry

Bernreuter Research specializes in market research exclusively on polysilicon production in order to analyze this sector in great width and depth. This differentiates us from large consulting companies who cover either the entire value chain of the solar industry from silicon to the installer, and/or investigate the solar cell and module market worldwide. Mostly they look closely at only the leading 10 or 20 manufacturers.

2) Integrative understanding of the solar industry

Our focus on the polysilicon industry is embedded in a broader context. Coming originally from photovoltaic journalism, we have been closely watching the solar industry since 1999. With this competent background, we are able to provide you with deep insights into the most important driver of polysilicon demand.

3) Passion for diligent research

Above all, it is the thoroughness of his work that has made Johannes Bernreuter, the founder of Bernreuter Research, one of the most reputable photovoltaic journalists in Germany. This commitment to high quality is also the guiding principle for our market research through extensive, multi-lingual internet research, patent research, questionnaires, attendance of conferences and trade shows, phone and face-to-face interviews. All our research aims at delivering the best polysilicon market analysis you can get.

The specialty of our polysilicon market reports

We offer you tailor-made reports on the polysilicon industry:

  • Not only are the market leaders examined carefully, but also all polysilicon manufacturers as well.
  • Moreover, companies in research and pilot phases are presented.
  • The reports supply current figures on production volumes and capacity plans for the following years.
  • Our bottom-up supply scenario is based on future volumes individually modelled for each producer.
  • Innovative technologies for polysilicon production are explained in great detail.

Who the reports are useful for

Our polysilicon market reports provide an abundance of valuable information for

  • solar, semiconductor and polysilicon companies,
  • equipment suppliers and engineering firms,
  • investors, consultants and researchers.

The benefits for you

You benefit from our specific market research approach in many ways:

  • Professional know-how: long-term experience has made its way into our polysilicon market reports. Already in 2001, we authored our first polysilicon market analysis.
  • Comprehensive overview: you receive a complete picture of the large as well as the small manufacturers, of established companies as well as innovative start-ups.
  • Thorough market analysis: we do not just pour market research figures into sentence switchboards. Instead, each report carefully carves out new trends, helping you to assess a very dynamic market.
  • Technological depth: you receive details about technical processes and innovations, which you will not find in the common market research reports. Thus, you gain insight into trends of the future.
  • Comprehensible description: our reports do not contain unnecessary special jargon. Technical details are easy to understand as they are explained to you by a competent specialized journalist.
  • Compact presentation: our reports are not only written clearly, but are also full of facts – this has been confirmed by several journalistic awards. With our reports, you get high value at a fair price.

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Johannes Bernreuter (r.) speaking with Eicke Weber, director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems