The Who's Who of Solar Silicon Production (Basic Edition)

Companies, Technologies, Cost, Capacities
Global Perspectives through 2012

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  • Edition:  2nd edition – May 26, 2010
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Overview of the report

The Basic Edition of The Who’s Who of Solar Silicon Production
provides you with a comprehensive survey of 150 companies in the polysilicon sector as well as fundamentals on production technology and market development

This polysilicon report condenses numerous details from primary market research and secondary sources in 96 in-depth company profiles and 54 additional project reviews. It covers incumbent manufacturers, new entrants and technology developers from:

  •  the Americas
  • Europe
  • Japan 
  • South Korea 
  • China 
  • Taiwan 
  • Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States 
  • India and the Middle East.

Two chapters give you valuable insight by analyzing production 
 and market trends for electronic and solar-grade polysilicon as well as upgraded metallurgical-grade (UMG) silicon.

The report is an ideal guide for polysilicon, solar and 
semiconductor companies
equipment suppliers and 
engineering firms
investorsanalysts and researchers alike.

Our customers esteem The Who’s Who of Solar Silicon Production 
as a detailed and comprehensive reference source on the polysilicon industry – see  customer opinions

Polysilicon report with unique features

  • The market chapter opens The Who's Who of Solar Silicon Production with a survey of capacity additions across the world regions, analyzes the impact of the international financial crisis, identifies potential winners among the manufacturers, and provides a global supply/demand scenario for the polysilicon/UMG silicon market through 2012.
  • The technology chapter examines 9 alternatives to the standard Siemens process in terms of technical viability and potential cost. In particular, the prospects of UMG silicon have been thoroughly analyzed.
  • Each company profile in The Who's Who of Solar Silicon Production contains information on the foundation and background of the company, its web site, shareholders, factory location, start of construction and production, reactor suppliers and engineering companies, the amount of investment, production technology, manufactured polysilicon volumes from 2006 through 2008 (for companies already in production), and capacity forecasts by the end of 2012.
  • Project reviews cover companies at an earlier stage – usually during project development. The reviews provide the most important data like factory location, planned capacities and start of production.
  • Companies that develop new process technologies are a special focus of the report.  They are portrayed in a full profile, including a detailed description of the novel produc­tion process, based on extensive patent research.
  • 8 regional maps with company locations and a list of 56 equipment suppliers and engineering companies supplement the polysilicon report.


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