The Polysilicon Market Outlook 2020 – Bernreuter Report

Polysilicon Market Outlook 2020 (Market Report)
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The Polysilicon Market Outlook 2020
Technology • Capacities • Supply • Demand • Prices

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  • Edition:  November 24, 2016
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How the press covers and reviews the report

It is unlikely that anyone has a more up-to-date study. A more thorough market study probably does not exist either. The 70-page analysis does not indulge in speculation. It sticks to the data, which is presented using rich tables and illustrations. It includes four remarkable scenarios that depict possible future developments in the industry in incredible detail. This increases the usefulness of the study. Decision-makers will certainly appreciate the comprehensive analysis. The study, which is written in easy-to-understand English, is a worthwhile read for anyone who works in the industry.

Jörn Iken
on, February 10, 2017

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The polysilicon industry is likely to experience severe cut-throat competition in 2018. According to the "Polysilicon Market Outlook 2020," a new report from Bernreuter Research (Würzburg, Germany), half a dozen polysilicon manufacturers could be pushed out of business by the end of 2018. "Slowing demand from the photovoltaic industry on the one hand and increasing production capacities on the other will cause turmoil on the polysilicon market," says Johannes Bernreuter, head of Bernreuter Research and author of the report., November 24, 2016

Specialist polysilicon market research firm, Bernreuter Research has warned of continued overcapacity that will force pricing down below many producers' cash cost levels and threatens the existence of high-cost producers in 2018. According to the latest Bernreuter report, 'The Polysilicon Market Outlook 2020' polysilicon spot prices are expected to decline from more than US$14/kg currently to below US$12/kg in 2018, as the supply of polysilicon has increased more rapidly than demand from the photovoltaic (PV) industry, which consumes approximately 90% of polysilicon produced worldwide. On the technology front, Bernreuter has become more hawkish on the ability of fluidized bed reactor (FBR) technology to become a mainstream product that has been hailed as a low-cost alternative to the Siemens process and its various modified versions deployed today.

Mark Osborne on, November 24, 2016

Not always considered the most fashionable side of the solar industry, the turbulence within the polysilicon market over the last few years has made it difficult to keep all industry eyes off it. A new report from polysilicon market analyst Bernreuter Research, The Polysilicon Market Outlook 2020, predicts that the instability is set to continue, at least for the next few years, as increasing manufacturing capacity will be stung by a slight dip in demand. This drop will be a result of a two-pronged attack on polysilicon prices: Firstly, new manufacturing capacities of 141,000 MT are expected to go online between 2017 and 2019, of which the majority will be in China. While simultaneously, the annual growth rate of new PV installations is expected to fall below 10%, ironically, this is mainly due to China decreasing its solar PV target, and loosening its support for the clean energy technology.

Sam Pothecary on (see PDF), November 24, 2016

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